A Cell of the Exchange Control Department was started in Panaji, the capital of Goa on November 24, 1983 to cater to the foreign exchange needs of the local as well as the visiting population. This was turned into a full-fledged Exchange Control Department (now Foreign Exchange Department) with effect from January 2, 1984. Considering the growing needs of financial inclusion, Financial Inclusion and Development Department (erstwhile Rural Planning and Credit Department) was started on April 1, 2011. Similarly, to cater to the needs of six Urban Cooperative Banks operating out of the State of Goa, Department of Supervision (erstwhile Urban Banks Department) was started on June 17, 2011. To facilitate the function of banking to the Government, a Government Banking Department (GBD) began its operations at Panaji RO on December 5, 2017. Human Resources Management Department is also functioning in Panaji Office.

State of Goa

Head of Office
Shri N.J. Nampoothiri, General Manager (OIC)

Address Telephone Fax
Reserve Bank of India
7th Floor, Gera Imperium-II
Patto, Panaji - 403 001, India


Working and banking hours
Working hours Weekdays 09:45 am to 05:45 pm