DRG Studies Series

The DRG Studies series have an accent on policy-oriented research. They are released for wide circulation with a view to generating constructive discussion among professional economists and policy makers on subjects of current interest. The views expressed in these studies are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of the Reserve Bank.

June 21, 1999
Portfolio Selection for Management of Foreign Exchange
December 10, 1998
The Impact of the Uruguay Round on Growth And Structure of Indian Economy
April 16, 1998
Dynamics of Inflation in India: A Neural Network Approach
March 12, 1998
EMU, EURO and India
August 30, 1996
Foreign Collaboration Under Liberalization Policy:
Patterns of FDI and Technology - transfer in Indian Industry since 1991
July 22, 1996
Money Demand Stability : Myth or Reality - An Econometric Analysis
April 18, 1996
Inflation, Interest Rates and Index-Linked Bonds
June 19, 1995
Fiscal Efficiency in the Indian Federation
January 18, 1995
Analytical Foundations of Financial Programming and Growth Oriented Adjustment
October 21, 1994
An Approach to Monetary Targeting in India
April 20, 1994
Stabilization Policy Option : A Macro - econometric Analysis
July 23, 1993
Bridging the Technology-Gap : How Dynamic and far
sighted is the Indian Corporate Sector?
May 27, 1993
Social Sector Expenditures and Human Development:
A Study of Indian States
February 10, 1993
Agricultural Policy in India - Context, Issues and Instruments
September 14, 1992
The Changing Monetary Process in the Indian Economy
April 21, 1992
Gold Mobilisation as an Instrument of External Adjustment
April 07, 1992
Monetary Policy, Inflation and Activity in India
February 19, 1992
On the Guidelines Relating to Valuation of Shares