RBI Staff Studies

No Title Date
16. RBI Staff Study on “Central Bank Balance Sheets Amidst Recent Global Crisis : Issues in Future Monetary Management” Oct 13, 2010
15. RBI Staff Study - 5/2010 Measurement of Inflation in India : Issues and Associated Challenges for the Conduct of Monetary Policy Sept 2, 2010
14. Infrastructure Financing: Global Pattern and the Indian Experience: RBI Staff Study Aug 17, 2010
13. RBI Staff Studies : "Trends in Select Micro and Small Scale Production Items during Phases of Industrial Slowdown" June 04, 2010
12. The Reserve Bank Staff Studies SS(DEAP): 2/2010 titled ‘Monetary Policy Behaviour in India: Evidence from Taylor-Type Policy Frameworks’ June 02, 2010
11. RBI Staff Studies - Doha Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Critical Issues in Trade Development pertaining to India May 24, 2010
10. RBI Staff Study Internationalisation of Currency : The case of the Indian Rupee and Chinese Renminbi May 18, 2010
9. Determinants of Surplus Cash Balances of States I India : A Panel Data Analysis Dec 15, 2009
8. Transmission from International Food Prices to Domestic Food Prices - The Indian Evidence Sept 22, 2009
7. The Pricing of Risks in India's Financial Markets : A Garch Analysis Sept 22, 2009
6. Evolution of Special Economic Zones and some Issues: The Indian Experience Sept 22, 2009
5. An Empirical Analysis Of Pro-Cyclicality Of Bank Credit In India: Role Of Basel Prudential Norms - Amaresh Samantaraya May 28, 2009
4. Recent Performance Of Consumer Goods Sector In India : Some Fact Finding – Raj Rajesh And Naveen Kumar May 28, 2009
3. Empirical Fiscal Research In India: A Survey – R. K. Pattnaik, Deepa S. Raj and Jai Chander May 28, 2009
2. Fiscal Consolidation By Central And State Governments: The Medium Term Outlook – B. M. Misra And J. K. Khundrakpam May 28, 2009
1. Some Perspectives On The Possible Impact Of The Recent Financial Turmoil In The Global Financial Markets On The Indian Economy May 28, 2009