Names and Contact Numbers of Heads of Departments

S. No. Name (Shri/Smt.) Designation Department Contact No.
STD- 0191
Direct (D) and
1 Kamal P Patnaik Regional Director HRMD D:2470061
2 P. Shimrah Banking Ombudsman OBO D:2477617
3 Sandeep Mittal General Manager FIDD/ Banking, FED/ CEPC/DSIM/ DEPR Rajbhasha D:2479570
4 A.B. Dutta General Manager DoS/ DIT D:2474888
5 Pranab Mohanty Deputy General Manager HRMD, Estate D: 2470137
X: 207
6 Major M.S Rawat Deputy General Manager Protocol and Security Cell D: 2470865
X: 238
7 Shekhar Chaudhary Deputy General Manager Issue D: 2474891
X: 230
8 H. S Verma Deputy General Manager
(Secretary to BO)
OBO D: 2477213
X: 301
9 Satish Sharma Assistant General Manager Estate D: 2472481
X: 346
10 Dr. Mohd. Anwar Assistant Advisor DSIM D: 2470852
X: 321
11 Capt. Tsewang Stanzin Assistant General Manager Protocol and Security Cell D: 2471959
X: 296, 339
12 Vikram Dhanda Assistant General Manager FIDD D: 2479472
X: 343
13 Kishor Kumar Sharma Assistant General Manager OBO for Digital Transactions X:323
14 Kapil Dev Sharma Assistant General Manager- Technical Estate D: 2479475
X: 240
15 Dheeraj Kumar Arora Assistant General Manager Treasurer (Cash) D: 2474890
X: 236
16 Bhavuk Ahuja Assistant General Manager Banking and DIT D: 2474841
X: 257
17 Abhilasha Diwakar Assistant General Manager DoS D: 2472119
X: 280
18 Ruchir Sonkar Assistant General Manager Issue D: 2474884
X: 294
19 Kapil Dev Manhas Manager (Research Officer) DEPR D: 2470294
X: 340
20 Mahender Kumar Sharma Manager- Private Secretary PS to Regional Director D: 2470061
X: 218
21 Ashish Kumar Sharma Manager - Personnel HRMD D: 2474886
X: 205
22 Sanjai Kumar Manager- Rajbhasha Rajbhasha Cell D: 2477214
X: 229
23 Debojit Barua Manager Administration HRMD D: 2474886
X: 203

The numbers 0191-2472451/2474885 may be used to contact the concerned department by dialing the extension number after these numbers

S. No. Name (Shri/Smt.) Designation Department Contact No.
STD- 0194
Direct(D) and
1 Ashok Kumar Manager O-i-C FED Srinagar D: 2312854
2. Prince Kadyan Assistant Manager FED Srinagar D: 2312685